Authorisation, Company application within the electrical, plumbing, sewage and gas installation field (temporary or establishment)


Use this form if you wish to establish a company within the electrical, plumbing, sewage and gas installations field in Denmark on a permanent or temporary basis.

Dette skal du bruge:

Information about the technically responsible person:

  • Full name

  • Private address

  • Date of birth

Permanent basis:

You must document an implemented quality management system. It can be done in one of these 3 ways:

  • If the company has an ISO 9001 certification.

  • Contact a Danish approved supervisory body and get a pre-approval of your quality management system. (Approved supervisory bodies can be found here.)

  • Documentation of your quality management system presented in Danish, English, German, Swedish or Norwegian.

Temporary basis:

You must document an ISO-9001 certification


Give detailed information, how the company:

  • ensures, during the daily work, that the work is carried out according to applicable regulations. Please describe in details which measures are taken to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

  • carries out final inspections of the completed installations. Please describe in details how final inspections are carried out and which details of the final inspections are documented.

  • prevents errors. Please describe in details how appropriate measures are taken to handle non-conformities.

  • manages improvement activities in order to prevent recurrence of specific er

The descriptions are expected to be explicit and detailed.