Animal experiments (establishment)


Before using vertebrate animals in experiments that are assumed to cause them pain, suffering, distress or permanent harm, you must obtain an authorization issued by the Danish Animal Expeirments Inspectorate.

Dette skal du bruge:

If you are already established in Denmark, you must apply electronically to the Danish Animal Experiments Inspectorate in order to get the authorization. In order to access the application system you need to log in using your MitID. To obtain an authorization you also have to have a Danish social security number. If you are not established in Denmark, please see further below for how to apply.

You will have to fill out different forms concerning:

  1. information on the applicant,

  2. information on site of experiment and employees,

  3. description of the experiment

  4. description of the cloned animal

  5. description of the creation of a new genetic line

  6. reason for using cloned animals for experimental purposes

  7. reason for using genetically altered animals for experimental purposes.

If you are not established in Denmark and therefore do not have a Danish social security number or a MitID you can apply for authorization by sending an e-mail to the Danish Animal Experiments Inspectorate. Read more and apply here.