Appointed Building Expert (temporary provision)


Use this form if you wish to carry out the profession of an appointed building expert on a temporary or occasional basis.

Dette skal du bruge:

  • Insurance agreement or other forms of personal or collective protection in connection with professional liability

  • Documentation for your nationality,

  • The certification from the home country that provides that you are operating legally in the home country and that you have not been forbidden to exercise business as an appointed building expert,

  • Documentation for occupational skills and

  • Documentation that you have been operating as an appointed building expert for a minimum period of 1 year within the past 10 years.

Please notice:

  • The documents must be in one of the following types: gif, png, jpeg, bmp, pdf

  • Once the Authority has received the correct documentation the Authority will provide you with a login to the database in which all building inspections must be reported

  • That the above-mentioned documentation has to be reported to the Danish Safety Technology Authority every year in case you wish to continue carrying out the profession of appointed building expert on a temporary or occasional basis.