Registration for business in Denmark


Registration or application for approval of food business operators, incl. importers of food from EU or third countries, or registration of producers, business to business distributors, intra-community traders or importers of food contact materials.

Dette skal du bruge:

If you want to set up permanent business address in Denmark, you will need:

  • CVR-number

  • P-number

  • Company name

  • Address

  • Phone

  • E-mail

If you want to set up a temporary business address in Denmark, you will need:

  • Name of competent authority of your Member State

  • Full address of competent authority

  • Phone of competent authority

  • E-mail of competent authority

  • Registration papers from competent authority

  • Company name

  • Full address of your company in your home country

  • Country of your company

  • Phone of your company

  • E-mail of your company

  • Full address of your temporary company in Denmark – first stopping point, if you run a mobile business