Register of Foreign Operations in Denmark


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Register of Foreign Operations in Denmarkis set to close on the 2nd of February 2022, as a result of the new posting rules that is expected to be set in force. The registration of cabotage with goods or passengers, the initial og final road leg of combined transport and non-bilateral international transports will subsequently be on the public interface connected to IMI, where registration with a posting declaration should be submitted before the posting period has begun.

Regarding transports starting prior or on the 1st of February 2022, operators will still be obligated to register on Register of Foreign Operations in Denmark. Transports starting on the 2nd and following this, should be registered with submitting a posting declaration on the public interface connected to IMI.

IMI: Road Transport - Posting Declaration

For further questions, please contact the Danish Road Traffic Authority tel: 72218899 or mail:

Read more about the new posting rules on the Danish Road Traffic Authority's website

Use this reporting system in order to register operations carried out in Denmark. Registration is required for foreign businesses with employees who carry out cabotage, buscabotage or combined transport in Denmark.