Report a work accident

Arbejdsmarkedets Erhvervssikring

You can report work accidents for your company in EASY if you have report rights.

You will need this:
  • If the victim has a CPR number, entering this will suffice.
  • If the victim does not have a CPR number, you have to enter their full name, address, gender, year of birth and citizenship.
  • Information on employment and place of employment, including the appointment date, annual income, absence days, job title and professional status.
  • Information on the accident, including a description of what happened, what went wrong, how the accident happened and the extent of the injury.


  • Click on [Start]
  • Log in with NemID/MitID
  • Enter information about the victim
  • Enter information on employment and place of employment
  • Enter information on the accident and the accident location
  • Select whether the accident is to be reported for assessment pursuant to the Industrial Injuries Act and hence sent to the company’s insurance company for processing
  • Click on “Report”

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