Food business operator (temporary provision)


Registration or application for approval of food business operators, incl. importers of food from EU or third countries, or registration of producers, business to business distributors, intra-community traders or importers of food contact materials.

You will need this:

If you want to start a food business, incl. import food from other EU Member States or third countries, or have activities relating to food contact materials (FCM) in Denmark, your company must be registered or approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA).

To register or apply for approval you must fill in a this form and send it to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration via the "Start"-button. If your activities only require registration, you can start your food business after confirmation from the DVFA that your business is registered. If your activities require approval, the DVFA will inform you hereof in the confirmation e-mail and will perform an on-site visit before an approval may be granted.

You must register as an importer if you bring in or receive food for sale in a movable or temporary food business establishment (e.g. food stands at festivals or summer resorts etc.).

If you are registered or approved as a food business operator in another EU Member State, you do not need a Danish registration/approval as a food business operator to run your temporary or movable food business, but you do need to register as an importer to bring in or receive food for sale in such establishments. You must provide the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration with the contact details of the authority, which has registered/approved your business (box 3) and with the company details under which your business is registered/approved (box 4).

If you wish to provide services on a permanent basis, please read more and apply here.